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TV GUIDE Specialists
2012 - 34th Edition
TV Guide Specialists Catalog
(New catalog released every March 1)

80 Giant Illustrated Pages 
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This Year's Theme:

TV GUIDE circulation and cover prices
from 1948 to 2011

Contents of Actual Catalog

Pages 3-40 TV GUIDES 1953-2005 FOR SALE
Pages 41-42
List Of Known Prenational Titles                                         
Pages 42-53  

Pages 54-65 CANADIAN TV GUIDES FOR SALE  (different covers and articles than the U.S. Edition)

Pages 65-75 MISC. FOR SALE   (Regional over-the counter TV log magazines,
    Foreign TV log magazines, other TV collectibles)

Pages 76-78 TV GUIDE circulation and cover prices 1948 to 2011

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